Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cilantro pesto

Here is a cool yet hot summer treat for all of you pesto lovers. I made mine extra spicy, because I love the pain of spice! Yummo

3 cups washed : Cilantro Leaves
5 Garlic cloves
¼ cup Olive oil
½ cup Walnuts/Cashews/Pistachios (your choice)
2 Jalapeno peppers

1/4 TSP cumin
¼ cup Ice cold water
Salt: ¼ tsp

Combine all the ingredients in the food processor (use water if necessary to move the blade). This can be made more or less spicy by adjusting your jalapenos. The cumin will keep your guests wondering for hours about the special spice! Nothing fancy, but it hits the spot. The BEST part? Its all done in less than 5 minutes!!

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