Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trail of the Week

Trail of the Week

This route starts at my home, but you can also start at South Side Park. This run is very flat with only one slight hill at the very beginning. You will run down T street until you hit the end and head north to the foot bridge. Once there you will cross the foot bridge and continue north to Old Sacramento. When you near the embassy Suites, there is a public water fountain. Cross tower bridge/Capitol Ave (make sure you look, cars pulling out of the garage never look and will run you down) to Old Sacramento. I tend to stay on the wooden side walk along the river because the rocks are too hard to run on. From Old Sac get on H Street and take that to McKinley Park- (planty of water and restrooms at McKinley Park)-one loop around the park and back! On the way back, head south on 15th Street when it crosses H street. If you want to add more miles to your run, do multiple loops around the park. I am not a big fan of loops, but if I have to do them, McKinley park is one of the better parks (keep an eye out for a post in the near future about great loop areas in Sacramento).

You will have lower traffic, lots of stuff to look at, plenty of public water fountains and bathrooms!  


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