Monday, March 21, 2011

Trail of the Week

Trail of the Week

This week I am leaving my comfort zone of Downtown/Midtown Sacramento and taking you to the beautiful Lake Tahoe area! I did this run in November 2011 after running the Four Bridges Half Marathon and in preparation for the Napa Valley Marathon. This run was 15 brutal miles- and I mean brutal. I started at the Timberlodge by Marriott (since I was staying there). This run requires a GPS watch, for your safety! Start running down highway 50 east bound until you hit the first gas station on the right. Make a quick right and run up that hill. This hill is a 6 percent grade- the hardest grade the Federal Government allows for vehicles. This is a busy street and has very little pedestrian space on the sides. DO NOT wear an Ipod- This road is very dangerous—run up that road for 4 miles. Use your GPS watch to determine distance. Be very aware of your surroundings- the traffic is intense on this road! When you hit the top turn back, 4 miles downhill. When running down the hill, right before the intersection you turned in on there will be a sign telling you to turn to hit the park- make that turn. This is a great runners park, it is all dirt and very long. Hot the trail and begin running. Run for about 4 miles, there are dozens of trails all interlinked. When you get close to your 4 miles, make your way to the bottom of the trail, there will be a school. Cross the road there and follow the road to the Lake. There is a public water fountain here, park ranger and emergency services if needed. Run through the camp ground, and back to Highway 50. Head back to the hotel. This will be 15 miles.

Did you make it? I did, barely! I spent the rest of the day drinking champagne, sitting in the hot tub and catching shows in the evening!

I am sorry I do not have a link for this run. It is too challenging, because this is a very self directed run…

FYI- Do you enjoy all the state, city, and county parks? Do you? PAY FOR PARKING and DONATE!!

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