Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vegan Protein

Plant based foods are great sources of protein, or amino acids, that help our bodies build and repair tissue. These foods help us synthesize the 8 or 9 essential amino acids that we can’t produce.
This list is not complete and is conservative in the percentage of calories from protein.
31% Spinach
27% Hemp Seeds
20% Broccoli
23% Peas
20% Cauliflower
14% Cabbage
16% Kale
17% Romaine
18% Chickpeas
15% Wild Rice
14% Flax Seeds
14% Sunflower Seeds
12% Celery
11% Blackberries
08% Peaches
07% Oranges

Some of the strongest animals on the earth including elephants and gorillas eat raw plant based diets, building massive muscle and strength on just fruits and vegetables.
The best sources of protein are the amino acids in fresh living plant foods. Bypassing the steps of breaking down the protein into usable amino acids, your body creates the protein more efficiently since the body spends a great deal of energy taking protein (found in animal and cooked foods) and breaking it down to usable form by the body as amino acids. Other good sources are nuts (higher fat), seeds (higher fat), sea vegetables, and bee pollen.
Source: The China Study

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