Friday, March 18, 2011

Trail of the Week

Ancil Hoffman Park

Ancil Hoffman Park is a major 396-acre park located in Carmichael, California, accessible by taking the Watt Avenue exit off Highway 50. Named after a Sacramento County Supervisor and manager to the famous boxer Max Baer, the park has many ancient oaks and is bordered on two sides by the American River. Major attractions include reconstructed Maidu Native American homes, the Ancil Hoffman Golf Course and the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. Many varieties of animals can be seen in Ancil Hoffman Park including wild turkey, deer, and hawks.  This park is a runner’s paradise. It has a great dirt trail the borders the park, runs along the river, around the golf course! This multi-terrain park is good for runners of any fitness level! One full lap around the park (you can see the trail) is just over 5.4 miles, loop it a couple of times for a nice scenic run!

Watch out for rattle snakes in the summer...

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